Thursday, October 19, 2006

WTB Gaelic Storm PST

I would like to buy Gaelic Storm (a cool band). No, not their cds, the whole band. I don't really know anything about them but right now I'm willing to board them all in my room (space might be a problem, but there are enough couches around here to fix that problem). I was listening to some of their music last night via Peter/Carl/PC/UPC's shared iTunes. Today I've been listening to them and am thoroughly convinced that I need to find a cd somewhere and send one to my sister. I guess I'll have to settle for the Divers (another ueber fun band) Friday night. I'm sorry that you're going to miss it Rae!

Toodles kiddies!

P.S. "Solace of my anger as I move into the infinite realm of passing shadows of the pain of the infinite shadows of the passing solace of the anger of my realm of passing infinite movement of the vortex of the anger of my pains of passing solace moving, shadows realms towards infinite forever and ever, a-men." -Wayne in "Aquaman" by the Divers (Listening to this part used to make me laugh a lot.)


the internet said...

the divers?! i'm missing the divers?!

now i'm even more depressed than before. i hate detoxing.

Manda said...

They play at 7:30 tonight. Think you can make it? I'll save you a seat if you'd like. Or I could bring a stuffed animal in your stead. Options are tiny black bear, lil wiggy looking moose, flamingo, or Fuzzy bear holding smaller Christmas bear thing. OR!!! The ueber duck that Leah has. Muahahaha.

the internet said...

i can't make it, but as i used to be called duckie, we simply must go with the duck. ; )