Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I Must Destroy This Man, And Steal His Existence

So, I'm listening to The Corrs today. (Yes, I listen to The Corrs. Yes, I'm comfortable with that.) And, as I was doing so, I looked at the cover of the album. (VH1 Presents: The Corrs - Live in Dublin; I'm not sure what VH1 has to do with anything, but they did present this CD to me, so I suppose I should be grateful for that.) Anyway, I realized that the luckiest man alive is the one guy in The Corrs. Seriously, that guy hangs around with three good looking Irish ladies on a regular basis. If any of you out there in interweb land know me, you know that that is pretty much my dream existence.

I mean, I like the ladies. I like the Irish. I'm somewhat fond of the number three. Three Irish ladies? That's just freaking sweet.

You'll notcie that I didn't spend the time on this post to look up the name of that guy from The Corrs, because that would just make taking over his very existence that much less challenging, and thus that much less rewarding. However, I am lazy, so I will instead probably just listen to more Corrs.

Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday.

Who can hang a name on you?

I mean, seriously, come on.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Time for my "I haven't posted anything in a couple weeks" apology post.

I'm sorry.

Pfft. Not really.

I am almost done with school for the year. That's pretty cool. But, it also means that I'll have to be home with my family and working at Sentry. Yeah, that's not fun. However, Scott and I are going to go to a Bascom Hill show. They're a really good local band from Madison. They seem to be on the verge of breaking out into the national musci scene, which is pretty crazy, because that never happens to any of the crazy little indie bands I like. And Basom's one of my favorites, especially since my mom used to work with one of the guys from it, and I've been a fan since waaaay back when they called themselves Tasty Wanton. The guy from the band that my mom knew let her have one of their demo CDs, and I've been hooked ever since. If you get a chance to see these guys, go for it.

Well, that's all the barely funny tripe I'm going to subject you all to this time.

Have fun with whatever it is you do.