Thursday, February 08, 2007

Gratzorgravy! (A World of Warcraft Adventure)

Kluber, The Grease, Paladin of the Silver Hand sniffed the wind, and immediately regretted it. The fetid stink of the Living Dead filled the air. He spied one of the foul abominations over the next rise. Calling upon the holy energies that coursed through him, he rushed into battle, easily smiting his foe.

Seeing a potential vulnerability, another of the damned rushed at his back. He crushed this one with the same ease as the first. "Lolz!" he proclaimed, /spitting on the corpse.

All of the sudden, a rush of golden light and a peculiar "BWOOHM!" sound came about Kluber. He knew this sensation! "Ding!" he shouted in exultation, "Zomg! Teh 60!"

"Gratz!" was the resounding reply from the heavens.

Kluber was rejoicing that he had reached the pinnacle of Paladinhood when another voice from the heavens, one of these "guildies" said, "Dude, now get to 70."

So overcome was Kluber that he fell to his knees and screamed to the sky, "HAX!!!!"

After a moment of grief, Kluber arose and shouldered his hammer.

There were things that yet needed to be killed.


Amanda said...

rofltcopter!...z (because I would say that)

Grats on 61 by the by.

Anonymous said...

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