Friday, March 04, 2005

You loser.

Long time no update, hey folks? Only 4 shopping days left until my birthday.
Things I would like:
  • A million dollars
  • My own spaceship
  • To be able to come up with jokes that I didn't steal from Strongbad

Today I went to some thirft stores with Tyler Petersen. I bought a shirt that says "Marko" on it. It's a polo. It's Marko's polo. It's a Marko Polo. In related news, I linked TP's website over on the side there.

You waited a long time for this update.

Don't you feel bad that this is all you get?

You loser.

1 comment:

TP said...

Thats right Kanter....lots of fun hittin' up the 50% off sale at not one, but two thrift stores. Man we are cheap. Nonetheless....i have a one of a kind Lou Begga CD, you don't. Thanks for posting my site. TP