Monday, October 25, 2004

Crap: The Blog

Ok, so I'm tired of ranting to myself in my own head. So, maybe no one will read this at all, but I get to type out how angry at all of the stupid crap of the world I am. And that works for me.

And now, something funny that happened today:

So, I went to the state Magic tournament this weekend. (Okay, that's neither the funny thing, nor something that happened today, but it's necessary for the setup.) I stated this fact to a co-worker of mine today. His reply: "Dude, you're a magician?"

I said, "Magic: The Gathering. It's a card game. I went to a tournament for a card game."

His response: "Can you do my birthday party?"

I said, "Yeah, I have this great trick where I pull money out of your wallet."

It's not that I hate people, just that they're idiots.

1 comment:

Maasee said...

Hey ben! Now that is funny. wow, but u kno wut. if i didnt kno anything about magic, i might have done the same thing, but after u would have said it was a card game, i doubt i would have kept goin. o well. hey, hope you're doin good. ttyl, buhbyes!