Tuesday, October 26, 2004


So, as I write this I'm sitting in the general use computer lab at school. (UW-Whitewater, in case anyone didn't know.) There's this guy who sat down two computers away from me (There are like two dozen other computers open that are nowhere near anyone else.) who's listening to crap (the kind that's usually spelled without the c) on his headphones, so ridiculously loud that I cna actually understand the sexually explicit lyrics without even straining. This, needless to say, is really freaking annoying. This brings me to my main point: I AM SITTING RIGHT HERE, PUNK!

Honestly, I'm a jerk, but my particular brand of jerkness pretty much extends to jokes towards my friends, and targeted uses of jerkness at things I don't like. I prefer not to, say, blare music in the computer lab two freaking feet away from the "Quiet, please. People are studying." sign. And, even if I did, it wouldn't be (c)rap, and especially not (c)rap with offensive lyrics. Honestly, people, I may occasionally enjoy something offensive every now and then, (For instance, I have a pretty bad joke about a blind kid, but that's another topic entirely.) but I don't blare my offensiveness in a public place, especially in one where it would be polite to be quiet, because I'm trying to freaking study. (Okay, I'm writing this blog now, but I was studying.)

That is all.

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