Wednesday, December 08, 2004


Great Mississippi Steamboat Batman! This blog hasn't been updated in ages!

This is partly because my internet's been on and off as usual, and partly because's been on and off, and partly because school's been taking up a bunch of time, and largely in part because I've been playing EQ2 in every spare moment. (But I can stop any time I want to. Really, I can.)

So, how have you been? Good? That's great.

I spent my work shift today discussing plans to take over the world with a coworker of mine. I can't reveal all the plans to you now. This is not because somebody might actually read this and thereby discover the compelte technical readouts of that battlestation that I've hidden in this R2 droid, and hope that when they analyze them a weakness can be found, but instead it's because I'm too lazy. However, here are some highlights:
  1. A Meth Addict Army
  2. Tanks that shoot richoceting sawblades... POISONOUS ricocheting sawblades
  3. African killer bee bombs
  4. Mechanical spiders with "I Love Uranus" bumper stickers and tukhus mounted laser rays

I'm a genius.

I don't think they should teach God in schools.
God already knows everything.
School would probably bore him.

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