Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Stuff You Don't Care About

Yeah, so I worked 9 hours today and I had an exam. When I showed up 15 minutes late for my exam, (Java Programming with strongly Korean professor Vu) the following exchange occured:

Me: Umm... Could I get a copy of the exam?
Vu: Ahh. You showed up late for my exam. Maybe I will not give it to you.
Me: Please?
Vu: Ok, ok, ok, ok. I forgot half of the exam, so I guess it is even then, hmm?

That's right, he forgot part of the exam. (Man after my own heart.) Therefore, there was only the ridiculously simple cut and paste programming section, and none of the nonsense writing section. I was out of there in 15 minutes.

In other school news, MLC sent me a thing that told me who my roomate will be. I was going to put his name up here, but then the internet would have someone to stalk other than me.

In blog news, I updated the sidebar. I added Brit's blog, moved the blog section up, removed the link to MG, (which I quit like a month ago, and a big monster ate my character) and added a link to the Third Nipple Home Page. (It's my bible. Well, except for my Bible.)

Ben "The Internet Can Stalk Me All It Wants, The Smarmy Git" Kanter

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