Friday, December 10, 2004

I'm sitting in my room, with an eggnog in my hands.

The best part of Christmas: Eggnog.

The worst part of Christmas: An entire month of Christmas carols on the radio at work.

If I hear "The Christmas Song" sung by Christina "I'm an everloving moron" Aguilera, so help me Cthulu, I will do things to all the people of Clearchannel Communications that would be so horrific that, were you to film them, you would have to invent a new rating classification for the movie, NC-BD, which would mean that you wouldn't be allowed into the theater unless you were blind and deaf. Of course, parents would still take their kids to see it, and no one would check their blind and deaf ID's, and then the kids will go on a killing rampage and the media will blame it on videogames. And really, this would all be Christina "I'm so dumb I had my brain replaced with Silly Putty and I got smarter" Aguilera's fault.

I need a vabation.

I hab a code.

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