Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Mission - Codename: Applesauce, Applesauce, Applesauce: Phase 1

Ok, so for any of you who care, here's the full track list for the soundtrack to M - C:A,A,A:
1. Super Rad - The Aquabats
2. Keasbey Nights - Catch-22
3. Raise Your Voice - Bad Religion
4. Another Perfect Day - American Hi-Fi
5. It's The End of the World As We Know It - Great Big Sea
6. Point/Counterpoint - Streetlight Manifesto
7. The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything - Relient K
8. Dear Sergio - Catch-22
9. The Little Things - Good Charlotte
10. Supersonic - Bad Religion
11. Build Me Up Buttercup (Punk Cover)
12. 61C Days Turned to Nights - Justin Sane
13. Good Riddance - Green Day
14. This One Goes Out To... - Catch-22
15. We Are The Few - Streetlight Manifesto
16. Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
17. History of a Boring Town - Less Than Jake
18. Sorrow - Bad Religion
19. The Big Sleep - Streetlight Manifesto
20. Brown Eyed Girl (Ska Cover) - Reel Big Fish
21. 9mm and A Three Piece Suit - Catch-22
22. Destined for Nothing - Bad Religion
23. Guitarzan - Ray Stevens

So, I called some stores, and nothing more local than Best Buy has EQ2, and they don't open until 10, so I thought I'd get off one more blog before all I ever do is play Evercrack (err... quest) 2.

In about 2.5 hours, I'll have EQ2 on my computer.


And now for another Annie parody:

I'm poor as a mouse,
But my computer has good graphics.
I'm going to by EQ2
'Cause It'll be fantastic.

And if tomorrow there's a nuclear holocaust too,
I don't need anything but EQ2.

I don't need aaaaaaaa-neeeeeee-thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing, anything, anything but EQ2!

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Maasee said...

Ok, so is that an actual cd? cuz it sounds awesome. and i want one. so, email me back. k?