Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Politics, Wild Cherry Pepsi, and Intense Boredom (Or, Why I'm Hungry)

First off, I'm writing this from my java programming class. (COMPSCI 171) Why? Because this class is boring. Professor Hieu Vu (Has an accent that's as heavily asian as his name. Semi-famous for the line, "You see, I teach you. I know everything.") is teaching us how to do the project that was due for Monday that I turned in last week Friday. So much fun.

I'm sure everyone knows at least a little bit about last night's election. Since about 2 AM, unless something freaking crazy happens, (As my Global Perspectives teacher said, "It seems everything's over but the crying.") it looks like we get another four years with Bush. However, this insanity seems like it will still go on for a bit yet, with John Kerry holding onto the election by his pinky fingernails with the tenacity of a drunk bulldog. (Quote from Tony Blair: "I am sure that the whole House will join me in sending congratulations to President... Karzai of Afghanistan. Like everyone else, I await the outcome of the other presidential election with interest. ") I know this because I was up until like 4:30 watching election results, and cursing my crappy internet connection. I had planned on doing this (Though I had hoped for more from my internet connection) and had purposefully stockpiled Dewski. However, some hooligan or hooligans who live in my home drank my nectar of life, and I was forced to drink the only other caffeinated beverage in my house: Wild Cherry Pepsi.

Now, I have no problem with WCP, it's just not a beverage that I like to drink in large quantities, and in order to function today (One of my long class days) I need quite a bit of it. After about my third can, I started to desire to drink anything else. I quick perusal of my coffee collection showed that there were no less than 13 flavors of coffee in my freezer, and also that they were all decaf. Even more tortuous were the three packages of Berres Brothers Higlander Grog Caffeinated Delightful Tasting Energy and Life Giving Beverage that were in my basement, but which I could not drink because they were band fundraiser coffee that needed to go out to someone else. So, I finally just stopped drinking caffeine after can 4. (the one I had in the car on the way to school)

Compounding this issue is the fact that I've been to lazy to get forty-seven dollars to University Food Services so that I can eat ten more times on campus. So, I don't get to eat on campus today, which means I can't get my usual giant fountain cup of Dr Pepper. It also means I don't get to eat until after 2 of the clock.

However, other than the above today is pretty sweet. I'm wearing my until recently missing Order of the Stick t-shirt. This makes me happy. My rabidly democratic Global Perspectives teacher was all tired and depressed. This made me happy. Prof. Vu just said the phrase, "You are the destroyer, you are the master of destruction." Perhaps if I had been paying attention, I'd know what he meant. Oh well. Still makes me happy. I'm going to MLC in a couple months. Also, happy making. And, it's only 5 more days until EQII. Heh.

Well, I just checked BBC, and they said that Kerry has conceeded Ohio, and the election to GW.

Let the crying begin.

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